October 2023- This week, we commissioned an external educational advisor to conduct a visit at Chigwell Row to look at the progress we have made in our key areas since our first inspection in November 2022. Here are some of the highlights from the report. Jim Alexander 4/11/23. 

Early Reading and Phonics: “Much has been achieved to improve provision and outcomes in early reading. The approach taken by the school (Supersonic Phonic Friends) is well established and teachers ensure a close fidelity to the scheme. Adults skillfully step in to quickly address any misconceptions.”

EYFS: “EYFS has transformed beyond recognition! Highly experienced staff are well deployed and make a valuable contribution to children’s learning. Provision is skillfully centred around children’s needs and interests. As a result of these improvements, children now behave exceptionally well and are developing some very positive attitudes, which will serve them well as they move through school. “

SEND: “The recently appointed SENCo is providing training and advice for staff and monitoring provision and outcomes in lessons. Staff have been trained to understand the wide range of complex needs within school. Provision has improved and typically pupils are now supported well and engage in a well-adjusted curriculum. Learning support assistants are deployed well. During the day, we observed a sensory story time for three pupils – a perfect example of a well-adjusted curriculum.”

Curriculum: “Much has been achieved to design and deliver a relevant and meaningful curriculum, meeting the pupils’ needs and interests. The school has a clear vision of excellence and ensures that all staff are on board. Their focus is that ‘every child deserves the very best start in life’ and they are ‘moving mountains’ to ensure pupils succeed at Chigwell Row Infant School.”


Katie Pollard- Essex IP The school have been working hard to implement change and it was pleasing to see the progress made from my last visit with children being supported effectively by LSA’s within a classroom which is an enabling environment to meet the individual needs of all children.
Debbie Makepeace- Essex EYFS Advisor: The new class teacher has created an inspiring and accessible environment for children to explore. The atmosphere is calm, orderly, purposeful and engaging. Thank you for an inspiring and interesting morning in class. I have every confidence that children in the early years will make the best possible progress throughout this academic year. 
Jacky Castle- Essex School Effectiveness Partner: The monitoring carried out showed the progress the school have continued to make since the Ofsted inspection in November 2022. Pupils in all classes, including those with SEND, behaved well, were calm and settled and demonstrated positive attitudes to learning. Pupils in year 1 and 2 discussed what they are learning now in maths and how they use previous learning to support their current learning.
 Cllr Lee Scott "I just wanted to thank you for todays visit to you first class School ,the Children were brilliant. They were fully engaged and asked lots of good questions around Road safety ,they were so well behaved ,I can only say I was so impressed with both all staff and pupils and will do all I can to help in area of Safety. The Questions they asked showed how much they understood about road safety , you can be very proud of your School.