Epping Forest Schools Partnership Trust

The overarching objective for the Trust is to support our schools in being welcoming, caring, calm and purposeful; schools which will stretch our young people academically, support them pastorally and help to develop them socially, emotionally and spiritually.

As a Board, our responsibility is for the strategic direction of the Trust. We will provide effective support and challenge to ensure that we create a track record of excellence. Our strategic partnerships will improve quality, share best practice and operate both effectively and efficiently. We intend to run a cost-effective organisation with a business model that delivers efficiency and school improvement. This will allow all our schools to benefit from enhanced resources which have been created by effective economies of scale.

The Board sees collaboration with clear accountabilities as the key to building a strong and confident Trust. Our structures and processes will continue to evolve so they benefit all our students and staff.

We want each Academy to retain its own distinct voice and identity; we will support them with efficient and effective central services, strong leadership and management and the necessary expertise.