At Chigwell Row our engaging history curriculum is designed to inspire children to spark children’s interest in the past and to think like historians.  Using a cross-curricular approach, we aim to develop children’s curiosity about significant people and events in history both the local area of Epping Forest, in Britain and in the world.   We are committed to developing and equipping children with important skills to think and act as historians. Our intent is for all children is:  

  • To develop inquisitiveness and enable them to ask an answer questions about historical events and people locally, nationally and globally. 
  • To develop their understanding of the concept of chronology as well as continuity and change 
  • To develop a secure understanding of similarities and differences of life in different time periods. 
  • To develop their understanding about how we learn about the past and how it is presented 
  • To communicate historically using relevant and rich vocabulary.  


At Chigwell Row, we strive for all children to become historians through high-quality lessons which provide children with opportunities to investigate the past. 


Chigwell Row follows a project based cross-curricular approach to history to ensure coverage throughout Early Years and Key Stage One. Children in the Foundation Stage are taught historical elements of the Foundation Stage document through the Early Years Curriculum: Understanding the World.  Children think about themselves and the people around them. Children consider their roles in the community and the roles of others.  Additionally, they use their experience through story to understand similarities and differences between things in the past and now.   

In Key Stage One, our History curriculum is sequenced and chronological. Children have weekly history lessons in every second term through various programmes of study and resources.  Additional opportunities in history are provided through workshops, educational visits. Our partnership with Epping Forest District Museum provides opportunities through workshops, history boxes and educational visits as well as opportunities for staff CPD.  

Teachers spark and inspire children’s curiosity in the classroom by planning an awe and wonder introduction for each topic.  They carefully plan engaging and purposeful lessons to aid children in conceptual knowledge and vocabulary.  Teachers plan for precise questioning to asses these skills and identify gaps in learning.  They believe all children are capable of become decision makers and achieving high standards.  They do this by modelling positive behaviours, attitudes, values and personal development. Children are encouraged to ask their own questions and given opportunities to discover the answers.   

Knowledge progresses throughout Key Stage One.  As their knowledge (including vocabulary) and skills progress, they become more confident in their abilities as historians. We aim to ensure our curriculum provides children with secure knowledge as well as positive attitudes and behaviours needed to further develop in the next stage of education and the rest of their lives.  


History is the study of the past; the change over time; it is the study of people and events. At Chigwell Row children have opportunities to experience and understand specks of history locally and in the wider world providing them with the foundations they need to study history in more detail as they progress through their education. Our project-based History Curriculum is high-quality, engaging and is planned to demonstrate progression. If children are keeping up with curriculum, they are making good or better progress.  We measure the impact of our curriculum through teacher assessment at the end of each lesson, pupils’ discussion about their learning and a celebration of learning at the end of each project.  

Progression of Knowledge and Skills for History